Dynamic Industries


New Iberia Facility

New Iberia Louisiana East Yard

DII’s East Yard is located at the Port of Iberia in New Iberia, Louisiana. The facility covers 95 acres and specializes in fabrication of large structures and process modules for the energy industry. The East Yard performs structural steel fabrication and welding, process piping fabrication and installation, coating, and electrical and instrumentation installation. 

There are two large fabrication shops on site. The main fabrication shop is 150-feet wide, 400-feet long and 80-feet high and is used to assemble large components indoors, which prevents weather delays on fast track projects. The secondary fabrication shop is 120-feet wide by 300-feet long, and can be used either as a pipe fabrication shop or a secondary steel fabrication shop.

Water depth at the bulkhead is 12 feet, and structures up to 5,500 tons can be loaded out. The East Yard has waterfront access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico, which allows shipment of projects to all parts of the world.


Lake Charles Facility

Lake Charles Louisiana

DII’s Lake Charles yard is located on the Calcasieu River Industrial Canal Turning Basin across from the BG LNG Terminal. The facility covers 65 acres (expandable to 150 acres). There are two large fabrication shops: a 100-foot wide by 300-foot long structural fabrication shop and a 100-foot wide by 200-foot long pipe fabrication shop.

The Lake Charles Yard is unique in its deep water access to the Gulf of Mexico. Water depth at the 1,100 foot long primary bulkhead is 34 feet, and structures up to 10,000 tons can be loaded out. The yard is 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, accessible by a 400-foot wide, 40-foot deep channel with no overhead obstructions.


Harvey Facility

Harvey Louisiana

DII’s facility located in Harvey, Louisiana serves as a Secondary Structural and Pipe Fabrication Facility, with shore base personnel to support offshore services, as required. This facility consists of a 10-acre waterfront yard with a 1,000-foot bulkhead and 160-foot by 50-foot fabrication and warehouse building. This facility offers access to both the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. The yard has a 1,500-ton load out capacity.


Ingleside Facility

Ingleside Louisiana

The Ingleside, Texas facility serves as a secondary structural and pipe fabrication facility, functioning as a fabrication and assembly yard. The facility contains a combination fabrication/warehouse facility and includes a blast and paint yard. Other services provided at Ingleside include shorebase support for offshore services and electrical, instrumentation and fire and safety.