Job Number 1311
State Harvey
City Louisiana

Valid Chauffeurs License for van drivers. Must possess a TWIC card.

Essential Duties

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.

The most important and essential job function of this position is attitude and includes the following: getting along with co-workers, responding politely to corporate clients and members of the community, working as a team member, functioning appropriately under pressure, responding in a positive manner to supervision, and maintaining inter-office confidentiality.

Pre-inspect van before transporting personnel or deliveries to destination.

Assist in loading and unloading the van if necessary.

Keep a driving logbook to track miles and time.

Responsible for getting the order to the customer properly and in working order.

Drive a van to pick up the offshore personnel and bring to and from the port.

Other duties may be assigned.

Start Date 2021-06-03
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