Project Highlights


CABGOC Angola – SPP Recovery Project

  • Scope includes demolition and restoration of structural deck sections of a damaged offshore facility, including onshore fabrication of replacement deck sections, structural members and piping systems.
  • Project Duration – 8 months ( June 2015 – Feb 2016)
  • Will reach 500,000 Total Man Hours Worked

Chevron Angola – Nemba Phase II

  • Scope includes Engineering, Procurement, Offshore Hook up of Piping and associated Electrical and Instrumentation work.
  • Project Duration – 2 years
  • More than 4,000,000 Total Man Hours Worked

Chevron Angola – Banzala Lago Project

  • Scope Includes EPCI for 2 Wellhead Platforms, 5 Pipelines and 2 Subsea Umbilicals.
  • Project Duration – 18 months
  • More than 3,200,000 Total Man Hours Worked

BHP – Angostura, (Trinidad)

  • Scope Includes upgrade CPP Platform, install Gas Export Platform, tie existing Platform into Gas Export Platform and Install equipment and piping on Aripo platform
  • Project Duration – 1 Year
  • More than 2,500,000 Total Man Hours Worked

Shell – Bonga FPSO Offshore Module Integration and Hook Up, (Nigeria)

  • Scope Includes offshore integration of new build Bonga FPSO. Also completion of various work not done by the original EPCI contractor
  • Project Duration – 1 Year
  • More than 2,300,000 Man Hours Worked


PDVSA / Conoco Phillips – Coro Phase II Production Deck, (Venezuela)

  • Scope Includes fabrication of a production deck in Venezuela, On Site Production and Project Management
  • Project Duration – 14 Months
  • More than 3,500,000 Man Hours Worked