DYNESI recently had the honor of receiving the “Moving Beyond Compliance” Award from EHS Daily Advisor:
We’re Celebrating Our 2020 Safety Standout Award Winners!

By Justin Scace, April 24, 2020
Moving Beyond Compliance Award: Dynamic Energy Services International, LLC (DYNESI)

EHS Daily Advisor selected Dynamic Energy Services International, LLC (DYNESI) as this year’s recipient of the Moving Beyond Compliance Award for its robust, multi-layered approach for systematically addressing the human side of safety. While all applicants deserve recognition for going beyond compliance, DYNESI has not only recognized how people can unintentionally deviate from optimal practice; they have fully incorporated fail-safes into numerous processes and in multiple ways to reliably ensure positive outcomes.
DYNESI has built a culture of safety through continual training, reinforcement, and encouragement with management’s visible leadership and commitment and by engaging everyone in safety and checking all of the boxes—from its Back to Basics program to a Stop Work Authority. Its uniquely designed processes like the Dynamic Execution Diamond give people an efficient way to stop and think about what could happen before they act and incorporate feedback loops for continuous improvement for their own safety and for looking out for each other.
DYNESI’s application further elaborated on the necessity of management commitment to addressing human factors, behavioral safety, and safety culture:

“We understand that to create and sustain a robust and healthy [SH&E] culture we, as management, must focus on both the behavioral (physical/external) practices and the attitudes (values/internal) of our employees through visible demonstration of our leadership and commitment to our culture. We must also dedicate efforts to educating and encouraging employees to understand the human motivations behind why we do things the way that we do.”

With its focus on human factors, DYNESI is truly moving its excellent safety program beyond compliance!

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