Lafayette, Louisiana – November 13, 2014 – Dynamic Industries, Inc., a leading fabrication and service provider to the Global Oil, Gas and Energy Industries, announced today the award of three new contracts. First contract is for the fabrication of a production module complete with a heliport weighing approximately 250 tons and a sump deck addition weighing approximately 25 tons with a scheduled delivery for May 2015; the second contract is for a sump deck addition complete with installation aids weighing approximately 20 tons with a scheduled delivery for January 2015; and the third contract is for two bolted deck sections weighing approximately 6 tons each with a scheduled delivery for December 2014. Under these contracts, Dynamic will be responsible for the supply of all material, fabrication and loadout of the above structures. Dynamic will fabricate the structures in its New Iberia East Yard Facility located in the Port of Iberia.

Jeff Clement, EVP & COO Dynamic Industries, Inc. US Fabrication Division added, “The above mentioned awards are projects from repeat Clients. There is no better business model than having clients satisfied with our performance. Dynamic takes pride in performing all work safely and on time!

About Dynamic Industries, Inc.

Founded in 1985 as an offshore service company, Dynamic Industries, Inc. (, is a major fabricator and a leading brownfield, hook-up and commissioning contractor in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, the Caribbean Basin, and Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, Dynamic provides fully integrated EPCIM services globally to the upstream and downstream markets.

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