Dynamic Industries, Inc., completes the final phase of a two-year module fabrication project for a repeat client; one of the world’s largest energy companies.

New Iberia, Louisiana – December 14, 2017 – Dynamic Industries, Inc., a leading fabrication and service provider to the global oil, gas and energy industries, announced the sail away of the last three modules of a five module fabrication project for a repeat client, which is one of the world’s major oil companies. The first two modules were completed and shipped in the first quarter of 2017. The project was fabricated in Dynamic’s New Iberia Facility in the Port of Iberia. The modules are in route to south Texas to be integrated on to a semi-submersible floating production platform that will be installed in 7,400 feet of water approximately 80 miles south of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. The semi-submersible is the largest floating production system that the client has ever built. When installed, the modules will perform key functions that will allow Dynamic’s customer to produce 175,000 barrels of oil a day at peak.

The project, which Dynamic completed ahead of schedule, took two years to complete with the total weight of the five modules being approximately 3,500 tons. The project included the procurement and fabrication of all raw material, including 1,350 tons of structural steel, 31,000 square feet of fiberglass grating, 250,000 square feet of paint, and nearly 5 miles of piping. The materials were all procured from local vendors, which provided a significant positive impact on the local community.

The module fabrication was complex and had several different piping materials, including stainless steel, 9 chrome, copper nickel, and super duplex. Dynamic pre-fabricated, painted, installed, and hydro tested all of the pipe spools onsite in its New Iberia facility. Overall Dynamic made over 13,000 pipe welds and bolted up 2,700 sets of flanges to complete the piping systems on the modules.

In addition to the complex piping on the project, Dynamic handled and installed several sensitive pieces of equipment, including 4 – 80-ton compressors and 1 – 200-ton steam turbine generator, the first of its kind to be installed in the Gulf of Mexico. The equipment installation required precise field machining and shimming of the equipment mounting pads to ensure the equipment was perfectly level for operation.

Dynamic self-performed a majority of the work for the project with the help of two other sister companies. These included Living Quarter Technologies, which performed the building outfitting for the MCC building and piping insulation, and Dynamic Construction Services, which provided the scaffold labor and material, electrical and instrumentation, and coatings. This combination makes Dynamic an integrated one stop shop for multiple discipline fabrication needs, which enabled the client to experience a 25% cost savings in overall project costs. Dynamic intends to lead the charge to prove to the majors and other operators in the Gulf of Mexico that topside fabrication for projects off the Louisiana coast can be done in Louisiana and Texas for prices comparable to Asia. Jeff Clement, COO of Dynamic’s US Fab business unit, said “Our goal is to make sure that every upstream project delivered from our US yards can make money for our clients at $50 / barrel. This latest delivery is proof of that”.

This project’s completion represents another major accomplishment for Dynamic as they have successfully delivered multiple projects for this customer. “There is no greater proof of Dynamic’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction, quality and safety than repeat clients, who also happened to be among the largest and most sophisticated energy companies in the world”, concluded Mr. Clement.

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