Dynamic Industries Saudi Arabia Limited; Awarded Long-Term Agreement by Saudi Aramco.

Houston, TX – July, 2015 – Dynamic Industries Saudi Arabia Limited; a joint venture between Dynamic Industries International LLC. (Dynamic) and a full service brownfield construction, fabricator, hook-up and commissioning contractor to the global offshore oil and gas industries, and Bandariyah International Company Ltd., (BIC), a Saudi Arabian company, specializing in the oil and gas industry, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation providing complete solutions, services, and technology transfer for different market segments; have been awarded a major Saudi Aramco Offshore long-term agreement for the Engineering, Material Procurement, Fabrication, Transportation and Installation of Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities.

Under the long-term agreement, Dynamic anticipates the execution of multiple EPCI projects to support Saudi Aramco’s Offshore Maintain Potential Program, Gas Program and other offshore work to be executed in the Arabian Gulf. The contract duration will last a minimum of six (6) years with options for two (2) consecutive three (3) year extensions.

Donnie Sinitiere, General Manager of Dynamic Industries Saudi Arabia and EVP & COO of Dynamic said, “For years, Dynamic endeavored to establish a presence in the Middle East and today it is an honor and great privilege to now call Saudi Aramco our client. We are excited for the opportunity to prove our capabilities, and we look forward to building a relationship with Saudi Aramco for many more years to come.” With the award of this long-term agreement, Dynamic is now one of two new entrants selected by Saudi Aramco to perform major offshore, EPCI projects. Dynamic’s new foothold in the Middle East compliments its already established global presence throughout the Western Hemisphere.

About Dynamic Industries International LLC
Dynamic Industries International LLC provides expansive and integrated full-service fabrication, construction, and maintenance services to the offshore worldwide markets. It is a division of Dynamic Energy Services International, LLC (DYNESI), a major fabricator and a leading brownfield, hook-up and commissioning contractor in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

About Dynamic Energy Services International, LLC
Dynamic Energy Services International LLC (DYNESI) is the parent of Dynamic and was founded in 1985 as an offshore service company. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, DYNESI; through its four major business units, provides fully integrated EPCIM services globally to the upstream and downstream markets. (http://www.dynamicind.com/)

About Bandariyah International Company, Ltd.
Headquartered in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Bandariyah International Company Ltd. provides world-class products and services focused on the oil and gas, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation industries. Bandariyah delivers valueadded solutions, services, and technology transfer through its unique multinational partnerships and in-Kingdom facilities developed to meet the demands of the Saudi Arabian market.

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