Broussard, Louisiana, USA – August 13, 2014 – LQT Industries, delivers three (3) Motor Control Centers (MCCs) to operate multiple un-manned natural gas production platforms to supply natural gas to Venezuela’s power plants.

The three (3) MCC buildings feature integrated switchgear, motor controls, owner provided controls and instrumentation, and seven day battery back-up systems. All three (3) MCC buildings have been shipped to a topside facility contractor in Tampico, Mexico, where they will be integrated with three separate offshore platforms before being installed in the Gulf of Venezuela.

About LQT Industries, LLC LQT Industries

LLC, located along the Gulf Coast, is a full service provider to the Oil & Gas industry providing, design, manufactured, and refurbished accommodation facilities, specialty buildings, MCC buildings and also rents construction equipment for oilfield, emergency response, and remote workforce applications. By striving to provide the highest quality products and services, LQT has become a leader in providing accommodations and equipment for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

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