LQT Industries, LLC P rovides an 11 – Aluminum Building Package Oil and Gas Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Broussard, Louisiana, USA – April 7, 2014 – LQT Industries, LLC, a provider of high quality accommodation buildings to the oil and gas industry, has provided an 11-aluminum building package and a helideck to be installed on a fixed platform in the Gulf of Mexico.
The aluminum building package is comprised of 11 aluminum modular units – (4) 10 man sleepers, (3) 12 man sleepers, (1) recreation room, (1) laundry/office, and (1) diner. Each modular section weighs approximately 15,000 pounds and can provide a significant reduction in weight over many comparable fiberglass and steel buildings. In addition to providing the 11 aluminum modular buildings, LQT is also providing a helideck as well as the generators, electrical distribution system, water maker, sewage treatment system, and offshore hook-up and commissioning services.
About LQT Industries, LLC
LQT Industries, LLC, located along the Gulf Coast, designs, manufactures, and refurbishes accommodation facilities and rents construction equipment for oilfield, emergency response, and remote workforce applications. By striving to provide the highest quality products and services, LQT has become a leader in providing accommodations and equipment for the oil and gas industry worldwide.


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