LQT Industries, LLC Provides Helicopter Refueling Station and Aluminum Accommodations Facility Broussard, Louisiana, USA – December 2, 2014 – LQT Industries, LLC, a full-service provider of high quality accommodation facilities, design-build construction services, and support services to the oil and gas industry, has developed and provided a newly designed modular helideck to support helicopter refueling operations and an eleven (11) aluminum building package that will accommodate 60 personnel on an oil and gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

The modular helideck is acting as a central staging point for helicopter operations to support platforms, drilling rigs, and other oil and gas related operations in the surrounding areas. Additional features, including containment systems, fire/gas safety equipment, and refueling equipment, have been added to support refueling operations. The eleven (11) aluminum modular units consists of living quarters, galleys, utility rooms, recreation rooms, and a medical facility. The buildings are uniquely staged and located in two different areas on the platform due to the limited deck space provided by the customer.

About LQT Industries, LLC LQT Industries, LLC, located along the Gulf Coast, designs, manufactures, and refurbishes accommodation facilities, specialty buildings, MCC buildings and also rents construction equipment for oilfield, emergency response, and remote workforce applications. By striving to provide the highest quality products and services, LQT has become a leader in providing accommodations and equipment for the oil and gas industry worldwide

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